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16 April 2014

Official: it’s the Mercedes AMG GT interior

Here's your first look at the cabin of Merc's upcoming 911-fighter. Not pictured: brutish twin-turbo V8

Vijay Pattni
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Later this year, Mercedes-Benz will reveal its new baby sportscar, the ‘AMG GT'. Here, today, we can show you how its interior shall look.

And it looks... quite nice, actually. You'll notice the design theme kicked off by the SLS - the central air vents and long, aviation-inspired dash - is present, but here refined to something that feels cosier than before. More cockpit-like.

The shaping of the centre console is inspired by a NACA air duct, while a nice, clever little touch is the control buttons for the AMG drive unit (or 'engine', as you may know it), arranged on either side of the console like the cylinders in a V8, to 'provide an enticing intimation of the superlative dynamic performance that can be expected of the new GT when its AMG V8 is brought to life'. Yep.

Oh yes, the V8. When we spoke to AMG chief Tobias Moers earlier this year, he confirmed that his new GT will arrive packing a brand new 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8. "Everybody at AMG loves the big, naturally aspirated 6.2," he told us, "but trust us, the new V8 in the new sportscar will have excellent throttle response. Everybody will be happy."

Promising talk, indeed. What else can we tell you? At Geneva, Tobias said the AMG development team had benchmarked Porsche 911, Jaguar F-Type, and even a Corvette. Not a shabby bunch.

And he imagines there'll be loads of AMG GT variants, too. "The new sportscar gives us a lot of room for spreading the portfolio out," Moers told us. "A much wider range of models."

It'll hopefully look the business. Chief designer Gordon Wagener promised the AMG GT will share a design language with the Vision GT concept we saw at the LA motor show. "Every Mercedes sports car is like a Silver Arrow," Wagener told "The next one coming is maybe the most beautiful, other than the 300, that we have ever done."

We'll see the full production AMG GT later in the year. And we can't wait.

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