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19 March 2013

Official pics: Next-gen Mercedes S-Class

Okay, so these are just shots of the interior. But they do belong to the much-awaited Merc flagship

Devesh Shobha
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The current-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class had started looking its age compared to its modern-day rivals. It was, quite frankly, losing its lead in the premium luxury sedan market and this saw Mercedes’ designers get back to the drawing board.

A couple of years later, this is what they have come up with. Don’t judge the interiors looking at this set of badly-lit images, but from the looks of it, Mercedes may have just hit the bulls-eye. Although the parent company, Daimler, may have pulled the plug on its luxury brand Maybach, it doesn’t stop Mercedes from taking cues from the defunct brand and take its upcoming flagship’s interior to the next level.

It all starts with the new sweeping dashboard design that flows well into the door trim panels. A mix of wood, premium leather, silver accents and ambient lighting make it an eye-candy. It comes with new entertainment system and information functions, along with a fifth-generation COMAND system that features an Intel Atom processor. However, the controls for the COMAND system are via a rotary dial on the centre console and not the touch-screen.

But the S-Class has always been more about pampering its rear passengers than the ones upfront. And it looks like the latest flagship doesn’t deviate from its lineage. You get split massage seats at the rear that recline up to 43.5deg, more than a dozen air cushions in the backrest, heated armrests and door panels and active seat ventilation. Along with standard number of airbags that come with sedans in this segment, the new S-class gets safety features that touch new heights. The rear passengers get airbags within the seatbelt strap, and a ‘cushionbag’ that prevents you from sliding down in the event of an accident.

You also get optional monitors for the rear seat that supports various apps based on Apple’s iOS operating system. These monitors also perform features of the instrument binnacle and multimedia system.

If you aren’t impressed with all that you see, Mercedes offers an active perfuming system that alters the smell of the interior. And you can choose from four scents – freeside, sports, downtown and nightlife. The choice is yours.

Browse through the detailed photo gallery of the new Mercedes S-class, and tell us, on a scale of one to jaw-on-the-floor, how impressed are you?

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