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02 December 2010

Official: Porsche to build ‘Cajun’ SUV

New baby SUV named after a style of cuisine given green light

Vijay Pattni
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And there you were thinking it was all a big joke. ‘They'd never dare to call a small Porsche SUV Cajun', you chortled.


Today, direct from Porsche HQ, an official statement announces "under the working name Cajun, this efficient and sporty model will further expand..." blah blah blah. Cajun. The Porsche CAJUN.


The entry-level SUV is aimed at attracting "new and even younger customers to the premium brand", and will likely be based on the Audi Q5. Porsche claims lightweight construction, dynamic handling and agility, which is a given, really.


No more information - prices, dates, engines etc - has been revealed. But it will be called Cajun. An ethnic group descended from Canada; a style of cuisine; a flavour of chips. Marketing types must have focused on the former. Most will associate with the latter.


Could you buy a car called ‘Cajun'? And are you tempted by a baby Porsche SUV?


(Note: there aren't any pics, so we used one of a Cayenne. Squint at it, and that's probably a Cajun.)

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