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21 August 2012

Older BMW 3 Series is a steal

With the newer 3 in high demand, dealers are offering unbelievable deals for getting rid of 'old stock'

Ashish Masih
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We’ve just come across an irresistible offer and that too on the outgoing 3 Series no less.

BMW dealers still have some stock left of the older 3 and are offering it at a very meaty discount. “Sir, how about the older 320d for Rs 20.5 lakh on-road (Delhi),” is the best quote we managed in the NCR region for the corporate edition diesel, which incidentally is also the most popular model in the entire range.

This means that you get nearly Rs 4 lakh off from the on-road price, but more importantly you save almost Rs 14 lakh over the current car’s base diesel version, which retails at Rs 33.68 lakh(on-road, Delhi). We can’t think of a better value-for-money offer. There is however, a caveat — you're limited to the colour options that the dealer has on offer.

While we can’t stop raving about the all-new 3 Series and all its qualities, the older car was no slouch. Infact, if you are in the used market for a two-three year old 3 series, we’d advice you call up a BeeEm dealership near you before that, but hurry before stocks evaporate.

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