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27 December 2012

Pay more for parking in Delhi

If the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has its way, then owners of ‘large’ vehicles will have to pay extra for errant parking from next year

Ashish Masih
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Here’s some bad news for car owners in Delhi, come next year. With ever-growing stress on available parking slots in the city, the NDMC has come up with a novel solution to deter motorists from illegal parking.

Like most government solutions to problems, this one also entails taxing the rich even more or in this case, taxing owners of larger cars more over smaller ones.

In a bizarre move, the NDMC challaned car owners guilty of errant parking by the weight of their cars in the busy Karol Bagh market area last week. This was done at the rate of Rs 1 per kg per day in addition to a fixed fine of Rs 2,200.

Small car owners like those who own a Suzuki Swift had to shell close to Rs 3,200. Owners of bigger cars, like SUVs, can expect a heftier fine. The owner of an XUV 500, which weighs over 2,500 kg, can be fined around Rs 4,700.

NDMC officials say that with the new increased fines, the onus will be on car owners and parking attendants to ensure a car is in a designated area and not double-parked, choking the main traffic movement.

Though this was only done on one day in a particular area of Delhi, if the move works well, then the NDMC plans on following it across the city. Sounds silly or will it actually help better parking? All we can say is watch this space.

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