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10 February 2011

Peugeot, back in India

Will produce a mid-sized sedan as a first step

Gagan Gupta
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Peugeot fans! You can finally consider an upgrade from your 309s, as Peugeot has announce its intention to enter the Indian market with both commercial and industrial operations. The brand will produce, as a first step, a mid-sized sedan car. The future production site's location is currently under evaluation.

According to their press release, the Group has three strategic ambitions: become more global, be a step ahead in services and products and reinforce its operational efficiency. Its objective is to reach a share of 50% of its sales outside Europe by 2015, compared to 39% in 2010.

Which car do you think they're planning on when they say "mid-size sedan"? Let us know in the comments section below.


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