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31 January 2012

Peugeot here for good

No plans to shut India operations, confirms French marque

Girish Karkera
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Rumours are rife with news about Peugeot ‘reviewing’ India operations and hinting at a possibility that it just might wind up here, but that’s far from the truth. Interestingly, a statement from Paris and the fact that the company is in the process if shutting its Mumbai office (which has been reported) and relocating to Ahmedabad (which hasn’t been reported) has fuelled the rumours, much to Peugeot India’s dismay. In fact, Peugeot begins its official operations tomorrow from Ahmedabad with an initial employee count of just over a dozen people.


“There is no going back on India plans,” is what one of Peugeot India’s top management person told TopGear India today. “We have trained Indians in France and they are now starting at our Ahmedabad office.” It must be noted that Peugeot has already bought land near Sanand, Gujarat where it plans to put up a factory to manufacture cars like the 508 sedan, 4007 crossover and going forward even new compact cars.


TopGear was already told about the possibility of closing Mumbai office and moving to a ‘city closer to the factory’ to aid administration, nearly two months ago by Peugeot officials. However, there is a possibility that the plan to start rolling out the first cars from the Indian plant may get delayed by a short time. “A minor re-schedule may or may not happen (because of conditions back home) but we will definitely not pull out of India. There is no turning back” is what the source added.


Peugeot India was in the process of putting together an official statement at the time of writing the story hence no names of our source could be mentioned here.

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