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21 April 2017

Pininfarina showcases two electric SUV concepts

Two SUVs debut, developed for Hong Kong-based tech company

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Pininfarina debuted the H600 luxury electric sedan at the Geneva Motor Show in March. At the Shanghai Auto Show this week, it has unveiled two new electric SUV concepts - the five-seater K550 and the seven-seater K750.

The new electric SUVs share the same styling as the sedan sibling. All three electric drive concepts are developed for the Hybrid Kinetic Group. They are equipped with micro-turbine generator range extenders and batteries for their electric drivetrains.

The batteries are developed by the Hybrid Kinetic Group themselves. According to HK, their super battery in the EVs boasts a recovery rate of over 30% and more than 1000kms of range. The micro-turbines are said to employ the latest aerospace technology and can provide clean electricity to the EV, charging the batteries at anytime and anywhere. The point of it is that these EVs won’t be dependent on charging facilities.

The clever technology of these micro-turbine generators has more numbers to impress you with, with an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours, needing maintenance every 10,000 hours. The HK batteries have a life span of 50,000 DOD charging cycles.

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