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27 August 2013

Polaris RZR XP 900 goes on sale

Polaris marks its 2nd anniversary in the Indian ATV market with the launch of the powerful new Side x Side RZR

Amaan Ahmed
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It's been two long years since Polaris made its first foray in the as-then nascent Indian ATV market space. Over those 730 days, apart from selling quite a few ATVs to private buyers, it also bagged its first commercial order, from, surprise surprise, the Gujarat Police. Now, to mark its second anniversary celebrations, Polaris has launched the new RZR XP 900.

Not a whole lot different in essence from the RZR S 800 we'd driven back in the day, the XP 900 is powered by a bigger, more powerful 875cc ProStar motor that churns out 86.7bhp, over 30bhp more than the S 800. A 546kg kerb weight and "Optimised Mass Design" (Polaris' way of saying 'low centre of gravity') should translate into rapid off-road progress.

It was the S 800's Rs 15.63 lakh price tag that had disappointed us then, and the XP 900 doesn't do any better in this regard, costing Rs 24.50 lakh. But if it is even more fun than the S 800, we're not complaining.

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