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17 January 2011

Racing Nissan GT-R announced

Japan’s version of the SEMA show hosts debut for Racing Competition-spec Godzilla

Vijay Pattni
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Nissan has used the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon as a giant springboard to launch the racing version of its impenetrable GT-R.

It is called the Nissan GT-R RC, where RC stands for Racing Competition, and was developed by NISMO, Nissan's in-house tuner. Predictably, it features a range of stuff you are likely to find on a number of racing cars, including a welded roll-cage, slick tyres, lightweight components and a 120-litre safety fuel tank.

Nissan hasn't said if the power has been pumped up, but with a quite prodigious 530bhp in the ‘standard' car, it's certainly not lacking. Ripping out some of the GT-R's bits would no doubt help unshackle a few of those Japanese horses trampled by its sheer lard.

As with the road-going version, all will likely kneel before its gargantuan glory. Until Porsche unveils another 911 variant...

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