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02 December 2013

Rahil Noorani is the 2013 VW Polo R Cup champion

Mumbai boy Noorani secures the title with a podium finish in Race 3
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Third time's lucky, they say. And it certainly happened to be the case for Mumbai's Rahil Noorani, who secured the 2013 Volkswagen Polo R Cup title in his third attempt yesterday.

Only able to finish fourth in Race 2 (which was red-flagged after Samarth Jaiswal's Polo R rolled end over end quite dramatically), Noorani came back strongly to take second place in Race It was only a bonus that it also happened to be his birthday yesterday, and he couldn't have gotten a birthday present any sweeter than this.

Post his victory, Noorani said, "Today happens to be my birthday and this is the best gift I could have given to myself. It was a very emotional moment for me. This is my third attempt and previous two times I missed out by couple of points so this is very special and I can say I am third time lucky. The engineers, mechanics and entire Volkswagen team are responsible for this so a big ‘thank you’ to all of them."

As a result of his result, Noorani can now have a seat for the whole season of JK Tyre FB 02 2014, plus a guest drive at Volkswagen's Scirocco R-Cup 2014. South African Jeffrey Kruger, who won Race 3 ahead of Noorani, was announced the 'Star of Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2013', and he's been offered a guest drive at the Volkswagen Golf R Cup 2014 in Europe. Yatin Magu, the winner of the Junior title, can take a fully sponsored seat for the next season of Volkswagen Polo R Cup.


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