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05 February 2014

Renault goes bonkers with the KWID concept

Renault KWID gets its world debut at the Auto Expo. Adventure is the name of the game!

Abhinav Mishra
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So it's not just Rahul Gandhi alone - even auto makers understand that India is a young country with an untapped potential. Youth seems to be the word on everyone's mind at this Auto Expo.

Renault has just unveiled the KWID concept that is for the young Indian who is an adventure-seeker.

Designed by Renault's global design team (with inputs from Renault's Indian design team as well, the Kwid is a 3.62 metre-long concept that, with its flared wheel arches and oversized wheels, is built to swallow any terrain that mother nature throws at it.

Renault has taken quite a flight of fancy with the KWID as it comes with something it calls the 'Flying Companion'. A remote-operated drone for you and me. Taliban, no need to run for cover, not yet at least.

Coming back to reality, this concept nests a 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol motor that is mated to a dual-clutch transmission. You can also swap it for some electric juice from a battery pack, for which it comes with a charging port behind the Renault logo.

On the inside, the driver sits right in the middle (à la McLaren F1), and a TFT touchscreen display that is your commanding tool for the 'Flying Companion' and the infotainment system is the dashboard itself.

Will the KWID concept ever reach production? Well... the Flying Companion and a centrally-positioned driver seat won't, that's for sure. Expect a watered-down version to hit Europe in a few years' time.

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