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19 June 2014

Renault readies 500bhp RS racer

New Trophy racing car to compete in World Series is coming. And it’ll be quick…

Vijay Pattni
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Renault Sport Technologies has just made an announcement: come the Moscow Motor Show, it will reveal a brand new RS Trophy show car set to compete in the World Series by Renault. And it'll have more than 500bhp.

Thought that might have piqued your interest. The new car will make its public debut at the end of August in Mother Russia, to be used in a single-model championship.

As such, we're given but a few, key details: the carbon monocoque is built by Dallara, while the engine will be a NISMO unit developing more than 500bhp. This will match up to a seven-speed sequential gearbox supplied by Sadev, driving the rear wheels, wrapped in specific Michelin rubber (they're developing a bespoke tyre package for the car).

The whole thing will weigh in at around 1100kg, which means a power-to-weight ratio of just under 500bhp per tonne. So expect a 0-100kph time quick enough to give you second thoughts over your lunch choices.

27th August is the date you need to pencil into your diary. Until then, all we have is this teaser image. Get dreaming.

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