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08 September 2013

Revealed: Smart FourJoy concept

Is this what the Smart ForFour will look like…?
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This is the Smart FourJoy Concept, and we think it's a pretty good indication of what you can expect to see when Merc's small-car wing finally pulls the wraps of its new ForFour in the not-too-distant future.

2004's original ForFour, which shared a platform with the Mitsubishi Colt, was silently, unceremoniously killed-off about 15 minutes after its launch. Because it was rubbish.

As part of another platform-sharing operation - this time with Renault - the ForFour will be built alongside the next Twingo at the carmaker's Slovenian factory. Given what we already know about the forthcoming Twingo, expect the ForFour to have space-saving rear-engine, rear-drive layout and a bevy of techy small-capacity engines (rather than the concept's electric motor).

It will also be significantly less concept-y. We'd bet good money on it having doors, for example, and whatever you do, don't count on those longboards in the boot making the options list.

We'll see the FourJoy in the flesh later this month at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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