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24 February 2012

Revealed: the Rinspeed Dock+Go

This is a six-wheel Smart Fortwo. And it’s a bit stupid…

Matthew Jones
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This is what happens if you're a bit Swiss and want to solve your Smart ForTwo Electric Drive's range issue - strap a trailer full of internal combustion on the back.

Zumikon-based Rinspeed has just given us this - the Dock+Go concept. It's a Smart ED with a detachable backpack you can fit with a proper petrol engine, fuel cell or battery pack. The docked third axle drives the rotating second axle, recharging the ED's on-board batteries. A Variohybrid, if you will.

The trailer comes in several sizes tailored for different uses - a heated box for pizza delivery drivers, a mobile toolbox for craftsman, a golf club carrying thing and a camping equipment store.

It's described by its makers as an "electric flea that is the dream car of every pizza delivery driver."

How would you describe it, TopGear.commers?

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