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01 November 2012

Road-going Ford GT1s

Is this the most extreme take on the road-going racer idiom?
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TopGear loves a bit of race-car-for-the-road action, but these Ford GTs by RH Motorsports take that term to a whole ‘nother level.

RH liked the look of the real Matech Ford GT1 race cars so much that it bought the company's moulds, engineering and complete bodywork and made them terrifyingly legal.

There's method to their madness, as buying a race team's cars means that someone else has already had to deal with the brainache of development, wind tunnel testing and aero package optimization. But RH has gone one step further, as you can fully customise your road-going, carbon fiber wide-bodied race car.

There are three different engine packages to choose from: a 760hp 5.4L supercharger configuration, a 1000hp twin-turbo setup or a 600hp naturally aspirated package for the customers who fear forced-induction.

Suspension and brakes have also been tweaked to give you the ultimate road racer experience. But it's also made the front track four inches wider, which could be a bit of a problem - Jeremy famously found out that his Ford GT was quite wide when he brought west London to a standstill by getting stuck in Hammersmith Bridge's width restriction, so probably best to avoid it in one of these things...

Only 20 cars are being made, well 19 now, because we've just added one to our Christmas list.... Will you?

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