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18 February 2014

Rolls-Royce Ghost V-Specification is here

The most powerful version of the Ghost is now available in India

Amaan Ahmed
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The Rolls-Royce Ghost, for all its bulkiness, was never underpowered. With a beastly 563bhp, 6.6-litre V12 sitting under the bonnet, the two-and-a-half-ton luxo-barge could make some seriously swift progress. However, Rolls-Royce understands the undying need for poweerrrr, and so, this is what it has come up with: the limited-edition Ghost V-Specification.

It's a celebration of that enormous 12-cylinder engine, says Rolls, which is why when fitted to a V-Specification Ghost, this motor now produces 593bhp, which is exactly 30 horses over the standard Ghost's piffling 563. Torque stays right where it was, but it already was an eye-watering 780 Newton-metres. 80 per cent of which is available from idle. The V-Spec Ghost will crack 100kph in a whisker under five seconds (the Extended Wheelbase takes 5.1s), and be reined in by the speed governor at 250kph.

To distinguish the V-Spec from its lesser siblings, Rolls provides hand-painted V-Spec motif coachlines, optional chrome-tipped exhausts and 21-inch part-polished wheels on the outside. Inside, there's V-Spec motif-engraved scuff plates, a V-Spec motif-emblazoned rear armrest, a steel V-Spec motif carved into the multimedia display lid and a newly-designed clock with a black crown surrounding it.

Starting today (and till June 2014), you can... not order, but "commission" your very own V-Spec Ghost in standard or extended wheelbase guise, with a choice of five specially-chosen colours (Graphite, Black Sapphire, Black Kirsch, Arctic White and Infinity Black), or, if you have the patience, you can dive into Rolls' seemingly infinite catalogue of paint schemes. And yes, there is a slight hike in price - Rs 30 lakh over and above the price of a stock Ghost. That's only a lakh per bhp. Some bargain, isn't it?

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