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04 March 2014

Rolls-Royce reveals Ghost Series II

This is the facelifted Ghost. Or, as we prefer, the Emperor’s New Roller

Matthew Jones
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Because it exists in the James May dimension, progress at Rolls-Royce could generously be described as... relaxed. Because this Ghost ‘Series II' is the manufacturer's idea of a facelift.

So, what exciting new things has the company's 7-Series-based land yacht got now? Not a whole lot. On the outside there are fresh LED headlights that allow permanent full-beam, refreshed bumpers and bonnet, new paint options, and new wheel options. Oh and an optional light-up Spirit of Ecstasy surely to be found in London's next pop-up premium vodka bar.

Inside there are redesigned front seats, re-angled rear seats, and some new wood veneers on offer.

Underneath, the Ghost's front and rear suspension struts have been tinkered with, and, as in the Wraith, the gearbox gets satellite assistance as standard (it uses GPS and mapping data to make sure the car's always in the right when negotiating turns, motorway exists and roundabouts).

So not a whole lot in the way of change, then. Which is just the way it should be at Rolls...

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