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08 February 2013

Rowan Atkinson’s McLaren cost Rs 7.63 crore to repair

Biggest insurance payout ever recorded in Britain. Ouch.

Vijay Pattni
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We like Rowan Atkinson here at TopGear. Not only because - despite his protestations about his driving ability - he remains the second fastest celebrity to have lapped our little track, but also because he's a massive car nut. He owns a purple McLaren F1, for goodness sake.

And regular readers of The Internet will recall the Mr Bean star's well-documented accident in that lovely McLaren F1 a couple of years back, where, driving home on a rainy night, he accidentally hit a tree.

Thankfully, Rowan escaped with a minor shoulder injury, but the car was a wreck. Well, almost. Turns out it wasn't a write off, but a ruddy expensive fix. Speaking to Classic and Sports Car magazine, Atkinson revealed McLaren's Special Operations division (them responsible for the bonkers X-1 concept) took four weeks to estimate how much it would cost to repair the injured F1. Rs 7.63 crore, exactly.

But because modern McLaren F1s today still fetch well into double-digit crores - like this one that sold for more than Rs 30 crore - it was deemed a repair job, and so the insurance company paid out to fix his beloved motor. Meaning this is the most expensive insurance payout ever recorded in Britain. Yikes.

Rowan being Rowan, once fixed, he immediately did the right thing: drive it.

He said: "It depresses me that they are hidden away like investment art or gold. It is a crime not to use it."

Mr Atkinson, TG salutes you.

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