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12 May 2014

Russian roads are eating themselves

More insanity from the global YouTube champions: a sinkhole that's out to eat cars

Rowan Horncastle
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If there's one place on earth designed solely for YouTube car videos, it would appear to be Russia. Having survived an epidemic of mysterious ghost cars, Russia now has another problem: roads that want to eat you.

As you’ll see in the clip above, Mother Nature has it in for the motorists of Tyumen, a city east of Moscow. During a normal day (in Russia), she decided to open her gaping mouth and try to swallow queuing traffic. Considering the road is literally vanishing in front of their eyes, Tyumen's citizens remain remarkably calm as they meander around the portal to the centre of the Earth that’s trying to devour them.

Thankfully, all the motorists avoided plummeting into God-knows-where, thus avoiding the messy clean up that’s been going on at the National Corvette Museum since a 40-foot sinkhole claimed eight ‘Vettes as an early breakfast earlier this year.

But with the constant madness that’s going on in Russia, can anyone predict what’s going to happen next?

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