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16 March 2013

Russians build remote control car

Yep, tinkerers mod an old Opel to drive via iPad...
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This is an old Opel Vectra (or MkIII Vauxhall Cavalier if you're truly British at heart) that's been modified by a crew of industrious young Russians to drive via an iPad.

Yep, this team of mechanics from Tula Oblast installed a raft of electronics, a couple of actuators, and some motors so this lightly geriatric GM Euro saloon can drive wirelessly via an iPad. The custom app controls the car's accelerator and brake pedal, steering wheel and streams video to your tablet so you can see where you're going.

Better still, they're offering the app and instructions for you to do it yourself for free. All you need is a lot of spare time, a car, Maplins loyalty card, overpriced electronic rectangle, and fairly comprehensive grasp of Russian/Google translate.

Now say it with us, TopGear.commers - in mother Russia, cars drive YOU.

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