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12 March 2013

Sauber F1 do the Harlem Shake

Video: forget aiming for sub three-second pit stops, these chaps just want to PARTY

Vijay Pattni
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Comedians across the world, a fresh gauntlet has been slapped across your bemused faces. The new standard for Internet comedy is a load of people flailing their limbs to dodgy music.

Yes, it's the ‘Harlem Shake': not a bizarre mating ritual, but an Internet phenomenon able to topple the mighty ‘Charlie Bit My Finger'. And it seems nobody - nobody - is immune to its hypnotic, slightly nauseating heavy-bass charms.

The Sauber F1 team has decided to throw years of training, determination, millimetre accuracy, caution, decency and anything else to the wind to perform this ‘Harlem Shake'.

You can watch the video below. Clearly, this is comedy because the normal world of Formula One involves robotised humans performing minutely complicated and brain-defying feats of perfection, all to a tight deadline and with the threat of a 320kph carbon-fibre go-kart wiping out their shins. But not today. Today, they're university students on a night out. Look at them go! They're dancing! And having fun! Pity Gutiérrez. Poor chap only wanted his tyres changing.

So now, it seems, we've reached the peak of our civilisation. Suppose we might as well let them get it out of the way, before the season begins in Australia...

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