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22 May 2018

Savsol relaunched to grab more market share

The Indian petroleum specialty company reinvents itself and invests in a sustainable future - Powered by Savsol

Powered by Savsol
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Stand-outers. Outliers. Forward thinkers. All of them have one thing in common — a certain something that differentiates them from the crowd. Something that places them a notch above the world around them, that makes you stand up and take notice. In a market crowded with one lubricant you cannot differentiate from another, Savsol Lubricants is rising head and shoulders above the rest by creating products that offer supreme performance, without compromising on a sustainable future.

Savsol, one of the top three petroleum-based product companies in India, is headed in a new direction of ‘Green Performance’. They are pushing themselves to be drivers of change in a market where the customer is ever-changing, but the competition isn’t. Stakeholders — right from mechanics to customers — all believe that investing in a sustainable future is paramount. The company believes in exactly the same thing — that performance is futile without sustainability. Savsol is making a huge push in helping build a better future — not just for the brand, but for the world at large. They have invested heavily in world-class technology and R&D right here in India to achieve this.

Going ahead, all products will be more eco-friendly and ‘green’, but will never compromise on the supreme performance that we have come to expect of products from the Savsol brand. These products will adhere to the ever-tightening emission norms by helping engines run cleaner and better. All of this starts right from where the raw material is sourced – Savsol uses superior quality base oils. In fact, a third of their products use Group-III base oils, which is the highest grade available. To stay ahead of the game in this ever-evolving market, Savsol has BSIV compliant engine oils for every vehicle type right from trucks to passenger vehicles and even motorcycles.

This change is not only reflected in the products, but also in the packaging of Savsol products. Savsol now gets a new mascot that has been integrated in to their logo — The Green Performer. This new identity directly spells out the sustainable direction in which they are heading.

Sunil Aima, CEO, Lubes for Savita said, “Savsol is a great example of world-class products, right here in India. In a market with increasing number of entrants at the branded end and proliferation of local players, we knew we had to emerge with a distinct proposition that differentiates Savsol for now and for the future. And this is not just cosmetic or for communication – it is a commitment from Savita, India’s only carbon-positive speciality petroleum company to have an innovation pipeline and bring in greener products. The new direction, co-developed with our stakeholders – consumers, mechanics and trade partners is a commitment to deliver uncompromising performance while constantly improving on environment-friendliness.”

Savita Oil Technologies, the company that manufactures Savsol lubricants was founded way back in 1961. From a company that started out manufacturing liquid paraffin to becoming the first Indian company to manufacture “BioTransol” – a transformer oil that is made from natural ester-based vegetable oil – the company has come a long, long way. In fact, Savita is Asia’s only carbon positive lubricating and specialty oil company. In the last year, they continued to be one of the largest sellers of petroleum products. Savsol itself was launched in 2007, giving Savita its own range of lubricating oils. The company has always reinvented itself, and is not stopping any time soon.

So what can we expect in the future? Savsol is all set to launch a new range of superior and environment friendly products. But this is just the start — while Savsol invests in a brighter future for the world, their future seems rather bright as well.


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