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03 July 2012

See Renault’s A110-50 Concept in action

Watch rally-ace Ragnotti race 400bhp concept against its classic namesake
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If today's Michael Schumacher were to race his younger, Ferrari-driving, championship-winning self from a few years ago, who d'you think would win? Renault had a similar thought, albeit involving rally-driver Jean Ragnotti.

This video, which has just trickled onto the French firm's website, shows the great sidewaysists giving Renault's tasty A110-50 Alpine concept a jolly good drubbing down an Alp, while simultaneously racing himself in a classic '62 Alpine A110. Which is a bit confusing. But also wondrous.

If you've forgotten about the A110-50, it was this rather lovely concept that debuted at May's Monaco Grand Prix with a race-derived 4.0-litre V6 pushing 400bhp, a sequential gearbox, fully adjustable dampers and no silencers.

Now watch it get ragged down a mountain.

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