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19 April 2011

Shanghai 2011: new Citroen DS5

Third ‘DS’ badged five-door hatch makes Chinese show debut and aims for the Germans…

Vijay Pattni
Car image

Citroen has unveiled this, the new DS5, at the Shanghai motor show. Looks pretty cool, no?

Audiences are swimming around the new posh five-door hatch aimed squarely at ze Germans. It's the third ‘DS' badged model to come from the funky French sub-brand, rocking a striking bodystyle that carries the cool lines of the DS3.

Based on the rather excellent Peugeot 508 platform - a car we found to be a big step ahead for Pug' - the DS5 is a big, sensible and comfortable-looking steed, promising competitive dynamics and the option of the Hybrid4 drivetrain. This, for those unaware, marries a diesel engine driving the front wheels and an electric motor taking care of the rear. 200bhp and 99g/km, since you asked nicely.

Inside, the cabin draws out some rather beautiful design touches, ushering in some proper quality feel - switches, clocks and the roof console look fab - while high-spec versions get more cow skin than you know what to do with.

Intriguing prospect; a cool-looking French alternative to the upcoming BMW 3-Series GT...


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