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27 March 2013

Shelby Mustang GT500 S/C 1000 revealed

Modified GT500 has 1183bhp, that’s nearly twice the power…

Matthew Jones
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Things in America seem to be getting a bit silly. Jaguar's given us a 542bhp XJ and an even more focused GT version of its really very focused XKR-S, Dodge launched its extremely orange Viper track special, and Ford a 300 horsepower Tanner Foust edition Focus ST. But Shelby's taken the biscuit with this, a 1200hp Mustang.

As well as the price, power and number of letters on the back, Shelby's also increased engine displacement - the standard GT500 has a piffling 5.4-litres, but the SMGTSC1k (snappy) has been bored to 5.8-litres and a brace of new internals. To cope with the increase in supercharger boost, there are meatier pistons and connecting rods, as well as an uprated crankshaft.

Suspension's spec's pretty scant, but we do know it's fully adjustable, though it looks like the live rear axle, the design for which was discovered in the Ark of the Covenant, is still very much there. Luckily, the brakes have been tinkered with to haul it up from the currently unannounced (but definitely stupid considering the GT500 goes 325kph) top speed.

100 will be made. Have you got a few crores knocking around? And would you spend it on this?

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