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13 February 2013

Should this be the new TopGear Dog?

Pooch drives himself across a field in an electric buggy. Best. Video. Ever.

Vijay Pattni
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Ladies and gentlemen, for your delectation, here is a video of a dog sitting on a buggy driving himself across a field.

If that sentence hasn't got you punching the air in utter joy at the majesty of our odd little planet, it should. It's a dog! And he's driving himself! In an electric buggy!

Clearly, the pooch is attempting to explain the fine nuances of electric cars and the benefit of all that lovely torque available from the very bottom of the rev range, though the protestations (his paws in the air) is very definitely a reference to the electric car's unfortunate range and the problem of infrastructure. Clearly, this dog can do a road test.

But, do you think he should be the new TopGear Dog? And if not, have you seen a better driving pooch? Send in your answers to Now watch.

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