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18 September 2013

Skoda rolls out '5X5 Experience' for the Rapid

Here's Skoda's new plan to improve the experience of buying and owning a Rapid for five whole years
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Has the rapid rise of interest rates on car loans reduced your dream of buying a car to a five-year plan? Well, Skoda now has a solution which it calls the ‘Rapid 5X5 Experience’, a unique package to be available across the Rapid range that would make buying and owning a Rapid a worry-free experience.

The Rapid 5X5 Experience includes a total extended warranty package of five years, which, Skoda claims, is the longest warranty period offered on any car in India. You can also pass on this warranty to the next owner, if you intend to sell your car.

With this scheme, you get five years' worth Preventive Maintenance Schedules. That’s free servicing for quite a while. You also have five years of Road Side Assistance; so no more being stranded on the road with an open bonnet now. And it gets better; you can now get a car loan for five years at a fixed interest rate of 7.99%. As if that wasn’t enough, you don’t even have to pay an insurance premium for the first year.

So that’s Skoda’s power of 5 available only for the Rapid. An interesting ploy to drive Rapid sales, we say. What do you think, TG.commers?

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