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29 April 2014

Spot the Golden Stig

TopGear India goes visiting its annual award winners. Here's how you can check it out...
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Looks familiar, doesn't it? Well, it is a one-off Golden Stig trophy designed by Lucky Stone Jewellery, to commemorate the 6th TopGear India magazine awards, which was held at Mumbai earlier in February.

While all our winners took home the actual Stig trophy, we decided to celebrate the vehicles' success one more time by taking the Golden Stig to the winning cars and bikes' showrooms to allow TopGear readers to have a closer look at it, along with the winners.

We have started with our Car of the Year - Porsche Cayman S. Those in Mumbai can take this opportunity to visit the Porsche Mumbai showroom at Prabhadevi, where the Golden Stig stands next to the Cayman S, and get an up-close view of both.

The Golden Stig will be on display there till Sunday, May 4. Yes, selfies and usies are allowed...


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