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10 September 2013

Suzuki iV-4 debuts at Frankfurt

Compact SUV concept hints at Suzuki's new mini off-roader

Amaan Ahmed
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That Suzuki is developing a new compact SUV to go head on with the latest additions to the ever-growing segment of small SUVs is no secret. It even let out a teaser in July, telling us about a concept scheduled to make its debut at Frankfurt. And today, Suzuki has pulled the covers off this: the iV-4 concept.

Here, 'i' stands for individuality, 'V' stands for vehicle and the 4 denotes four-wheel-drive. Suzuki is talking of great customisation options for the iV-4 including paint, body panels and textures. Also, the iV-4's design, Suzuki says, empowers the user to "Grab his field". What do we say to that...

Anyway, so the individuality concept vehicle with four-wheel drive  measures in at well over four metres (tax benefits in India should do the needful), gets oversized wheels, a built-in laser sensor on the roof (the use of which is unknown to us), and an illuminated five-slot grille. All of this jazz will be dropped off sooner or later, but expect the production model, which Suzuki says will focus on lightness, reduced emissions and strong performance, to look very similar to this concept.

So, does the iV-4 grab your, erm, field?

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