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28 November 2013

Suzuki reveals A:Wind concept

Suzuki previews the A-Star's successor through a concept. Gives it a funny name

Amaan Ahmed
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Suzuki makes safe, efficient, reliable cars. It names them in a safe way too - SX4, Swift, Splash, that sort of stuff. Now though, it has broken the norm with this - the A:Wind. Now, you might ask why would Suzuki want to flirt with a name like, well, wind? Here's what Suzuki has to say...

"The A:Wind is so named because it seeks to bring a fresh wind to the A-segment as a global compact car".

Ahem, let's get to the details. It's a concept that has been revealed at the Thailand Motor Expo today, but for all its funky headlights and glitzy wheels, this is a car that's quite close to hitting the production line.

This will eventually succeed the A-Star when it goes on sale, and it looks to improve on the A-Star's failings - interior space being the major issue. The front and rear seats have been distanced from each other so as to create more space, the doors open wide, the seats are easy to get in and out of, and Suzuki says the A:Wind will be able to store a lot more at the back...

The idea with the A:Wind is to provide a car that feels a lot more premium than its price tag would suggest, and that's where Suzuki highlights the use of fine quality materials on the inside (which are colour-co-ordinated in beige, to keep us Indians happy), and an exterior that too looks like it would belong to a car from a segment above.

As you can see from the pictures, the interior will share most of its parts with the Swift, which will help Suzuki cut down on costs when it does put the car into production.

Also, the concept employs a 996cc engine, mated to a CVT 'box, but when it does materialise into a production car, the A:Wind will be powered by the current 1-litre K-Series petrol motor, and a five-speed manual gearbox should be standard. An automatic gearbox may be on the cards, and if Maruti Suzuki is indeed developing that new small-capacity diesel engine, that could pass A:Wind, too.

Suzuki is saying that the car will be ready to hit the roads in 2014. Will Suzuki show us the same concept at the Delhi Auto Expo in February, or will we see the finished product? And readers, do you think they could have done better with the name? Do let us know your suggestions in the comments below.

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