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23 February 2011

SX4 Diesel finally launched

But you already knew about the car, didn't you?

Gagan Gupta
Car image

Maruti Suzuki's worst kept secret, the SX4 Diesel has finally been unveiled. The new diesel model is cleaner and more fuel efficient than all comparable cars in its class and is offered in three variants: VDi; ZDi and ZDi with leather upholstery.

The Super Turbo DDiS engine mounted on the SX4, delivers 90PS of peak power at 4000rpm and offers a max torque of 200Nm at 1750rpm, which is comparable to higher capacity engines in competing cars. The SX4 Diesel offers a fuel efficiency of 21.5 kpl (certified as per CMVR rules), which is 8% more than comparable cars.

In the last four years, Maruti Suzuki has mounted diesel engines on Swift, Dzire and Ritz.

The SX4 diesel is now open for bookings at ex=showroom prices of Rs 7,74,000 for the VDi and Rs 8,62,000 ZDi.


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