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20 January 2014

Tata launches new Revotron family of engines

Committed to increase their market share in the petrol passenger car segment, Tata introduces a new family of engines

Agasti Kaulgi
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We are not going to tell you about the recent shift in trend from diesel to petrol in the passenger car market. What we’re going to tell you is what Tata Motors has done to increase their share in this segment and to cater to those who are being a part of this change in trend. And the exact answer to that is a launch of a family of petrol engines called ‘Revotron’.

The first derivative of this series of engines is a 1.2-litre turbocharged engine. Yes, it’s the first turbocharged petrol engine by Tata. This 4-pot engine puts 84bhp at 5000rpm and 140Nm of torque at 1750-3500 revs.

Tata claims that a lot of R&D has gone into making this engine powerful, refined and efficient all at the same time. And they say that the secret behind achieving that is downsizing and boosting.

Tata has not bothered using aluminium for the block and have gone ahead with the heavier cast iron. But they do say they’ll look at using other materials in future. We’re not sure by what they exactly meant by ‘future’.

Tata also hinted an unveil of all-new cars in the future, which will be powered by this brand new engine. But for now, this engine will be used in the existing line of cars with existing gearboxes. Tata also said that the Revotron series would later introduce 3-cylinder petrol engines, and other 4-cylinder units with different cubic capacities.

Expect a good lineup with this new engine and all-new cars at the Tata Motors stall at the Auto Expo. Till then, tell us what you feel about this new family of petrol engines by Tata in the comments below.


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