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09 October 2013

Tata rolls out Nano CNG emax

An even more fuel-efficient, environment-friendly version of Tata's little wonder is out now

Amaan Ahmed
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Mention the Tata Nano in public, and you will hear a lot of words being tossed about. Compact, adorable, affordable, (no, don't say self-combusting), economical and the works. No one's ever complained about the Nano not being fuel-efficient, but if you need to save more money, this is your saviour - the Nano CNG emax.

First shown at Tata's Horizonext campaign in June this year, the Nano emax gets a 32-litre CNG fuel tank, and the cylinders are placed under the front passenger seats to maximise cabin space. Tata says that the car, running on CNG, emits only 75.6gm of CO2 per kilometre, can return 36 kilometres to a kilo of gas, and with the CNG and petrol tanks both filled to the brim, can provide a range in excess of 500 kilometres.

It's a bi-fuel car, the emax, and you can choose what fuel you want to power the car on the move with the help of a push-button selector. Power goes down in CNG mode to 32.6bhp from 37.5, and torque dips too, going from 51Nm in petrol mode to 45Nm in gas mode. To solve the problem, there's an Engine Management System in place, which senses the need for more power, and accordingly switches to petrol. And if the safety aspect still worries you, the CNG kit is equipped with a leak detection sensor, and an interlock sensor that cuts off the engine when you're filling up at the CNG bunk.

What's interesting here is that the emax weighs a little over 100kg more than its petrol-only counterpart. Pulling power isn't the Nano's strongest point, and only a proper review will tell how well does the emax cope with all the extra heft.

The emax is on sale now for Rs 2.52 lakh for the CX variant, and Rs 2.77 lakh for the top-end LX, ex-showroom, Mumbai. That's exactly Rs 45,000 more than the petrol car. Will need a lot of running to justify the extra cost, but it works well until the diesel Nano comes out, doesn't it?

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