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07 March 2013

Tata showcases Aria AT

Geneva debut for its first car with an automatic gearbox
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It was time, and Tata has gone ahead and done it – give an automatic gearbox to its flagship model – the Aria. On display at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show is a high-tech six-speed gearbox sourced from GM. The unit is modern and equipped with ‘S’ or sport mode feature, which means you can change gears manually using the same stick shift.

This is the same gearbox that GM uses in the Captiva, which means it won’t be crude. On the Captiva the transmission is not the quickest but is efficient. Expect it to behave similarly in the Aria. The automatic gearbox is a welcome option on the Aria, which aims to compete in the high-end crossover category. All the other bits like AWD and equipment like touchscreen multimedia system stayed on the display model.

Interestingly, it was a right-hand drive Aria, which means the option will be available in India soon – around the beginning of next year. So, don’t be surprised with an India launch at the Delhi Auto Expo. This will make the Aria the first Tata car to come equipped with an automatic transmission. Engineers are now also fine-tuning the same gearbox to be fitted on the Safari Storme. Obviously, no pricing was announced but we expect it to be between Rs 60,000-70,000 more than the manual version.

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