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23 January 2013

The Arab world's first hypercar?

With diamond-encrusted LED lights, gold-stitched leather and 750bhp, it could well be

Rowan Horncastle
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The Middle East is a land where the oil is rich, skyscrapers tall and the thirst for expensive cars is insatiable. Don't belive us? Just check out this showroom. But they've never had a car of their own... until now. Actually, next week, where at the Qatar Motor Show, the first ever hypercar from the Arab world is set to be unveiled.

Called the LykanHypersport - which sounds a bit like Luke Skywalker's latest daily driver - it wants to go wheel-to-wheel with the Bugattis and Koenigseggs of the world.

With a 750bhp, twin-turbo flat-six wedged in behind the driver, the LykanHypersport can apparently hit 100kph in 2.8 seconds (that's faster than an Aventador) and on to a ‘break-neck' (their words, not ours) top speed of 390kph. Ouch.

But this isn't just a fast car: it's also a fast, luxurious car. With diamond-encrusted LED lights, gold-stitched leather, suicide doors and a state-of-the-art 3D Virtual Holographic Display with Tactile Interaction and a revolutionary LD4Motion interactive dashboard (yeah, us neither), it's... blingy.

That's not all. Like J-Lo, the car comes with a 24-hour dedicated concierge service and a free special-edition Cyrus Klepcy watch. Only seven will be produced, though we'll believe it when we actually see it in the flesh next week.

So dotcommers, is this the future? Or another one for the Ambitious but Rubbish supercar pile?

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