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25 July 2014

The Aston Lagonda super saloon is coming...

…but in very limited numbers, and for Middle Easterners only. Expect a 6.0-litre V12, and the most opulent interior Aston's ever done

Amaan Ahmed
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The rich, wealthy and occasionally-lacking-in-taste people of the Middle East don't seem to regard the Aston Martin Rapide as a real super saloon. Yes, it's got four seats, but really, it's a Vantage that's reluctantly agreed to carry two more people.

The Middle East wants a real Aston Martin super saloon. Something like the original 1976 Lagonda. Which is why Aston has decided to revive the old nameplate, and produce a bespoke model that will be sold "by invitation only", and only to oil well-owning Arabs.

Details are scarce, but what we do know is that it's still based on Aston's hugely flexible and massively-employed VH platform which underpins every modern AM, will use carbon fibre, have seating for four adults with heads and limbs, and will be built at the same Gaydon facility that produced the super-exclusive One-77.

Since this new Lagonda is supposed to be a made-to-measure (read 'slightly over-the-top') offering for the Middle East, we expect nothing short of a 6.0-litre V12 taken from the Vanquish, which should provide thumping performance, and forgettable fuel efficiency. Petrol prices aren't really a problem in that part of the world, remember.

Also, Aston Design Director Marek Reichman has said that the Lagonda will provide "the ultimate in luxury and personalisation". We wouldn't be surprised to see a rare gemstone-studded steering wheel or door handles carved out of ivory on the options list.

"The asking price will be commensurate with the car’s exclusivity, quality and luxurious nature", says the press release, which loosely translates to "look away, puny earthling".

Interested, Sheikhs of

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