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15 August 2013

The BMW Concept M4 Coupe is here

With the real deal not all that far away, BMW has given us a taster of what the M3's successor will look like with the M4 Concept

Amaan Ahmed
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The very squat-looking, very racy, very yellow vehicle you see in the picture above is what BMW calls the Concept M4 Coupe. And anyone in their senses can see that it is anything but a "concept".

Built to preview the upcoming M4 Coupe, the Concept M4 Coupe looks like it is ready to hit the roads - and why shouldn't it. It has been snapped a gazillion times over the months during testing in different parts of the world, and only a couple of days back, BMW shot off a teaser video that had the latest 'M' creation revving the nuts off its engine. After a couple of images leaked out early today, BMW decided to reveal the Concept M4 Coupe in all its canary-hued entirety.

As you can see, the Concept M4 isn't entirely different from the M Sport kit-equipped 4 series that was shown sometime back, and that's A Good Thing. The Concept features a curvaceous power-domed hood (which is most probably home to a smaller, spanking new turbo'ed six-cylinder motor), a carbon fibre front splitter-equipped apron, BMW's 'Air Curtain' and 'Air Breather' gills, a carbon fibre roof that helps lower weight and the centre of gravity, super-light 20" twin-spoke M alloys that house carbon-cermanic brakes, a carbon fibre rear diffuser and carbon fibre-tipped exhausts. BMW certainly wasn't joking when it told the point of focus with the new M4 was "lightweight engineering".

That's about all the information that we've got on the Concept M4 - which will be displayed at Pebble Beach - for now, but in the meantime, which of these bits would you want to see on the final, production-ready M4? Or should BMW just put it on the road as is?

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