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10 January 2012

The Lexus LF-LC: a big hit in Detroit

What the hell is powering Lexus's gorgeous coupe concept?

Sam Philip
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Lexus has dropped all the details on its stunning new 2+2 concept, the LF-LC.

Actually, it hasn't. Dropped all the details, that is. Unveiling the concept in Detroit, Lexus bosses talked plenty about design language and styling direction and plunging waterfalls (not really sure what that last one was about, to be honest)... but frustratingly wouldn't reveal what was hiding under the LF-LC's sleek bonnet.

Still, the little we know is promising. We know the LF-LC is front-engined and rear-wheel drive. We know it's a hybrid (sorry, live with it). We know it's a 2+2 with a pretty cursory pair of rear seats.

And, most importantly, we know Lexus is desperate to bring the LF-LC – or something very like it – to production. A proper 2+2 sports car would provide a vital link between the bonkers LFA hypercar and the rest of Lexus's worthy-but-largely-dull line-up (IS-F honourably excepted), and if it looks like the LF-LC then so much the better.

Because this thing is stunning. OK, most of the flourishes – the one-piece glass wrapover windscreen-roof, the evil light clusters, the filigree wing mirrors and, most obviously, the loopy, swoopy interior with pop-up touchscreens – will have to be toned down for production, but even so, the basic proportions and styling of the LF-LC are spot-on.

Lexus says the coupe previews its new brand styling direction. Any styling direction that includes rear lights inspired by fighter-jet afterburners is fine by us.

So, if Lexus won't tell us, we'll leave it up to you lot. What do you think is lurking under the LF-LC's bonnet, hooked up to a commendable-but-essentially-unnecessary electric motor? The V8 from the IS-F? The V10 from the LFA? Or something else entirely?

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