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23 February 2012

The new Merc SL63 AMG revealed

And will make its way to India by mid-2012, reports Abhinav Mishra

Abhinav Mishra
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There is a thumb rule at Mercedes’s performance division that no matter which model Mercedes make there has to be a high output AMG variant for it. This has given us some pretty amazing executive super saloons like the C63 and E63 AMG or some pretty ludicrous people’s mover like the R63 AMG, which had 500 horses.

This time around it is Mercedes’s range topping hard top convertible, the SL63, that gets to wear the badge of honour. Like always one can expect AMG’s home grown power plant, now a 5.5 litre V8. Yes you heard that right; it’s not the good old naturally aspirated 6.2 lite V8 found in the older SL.

With tree huggers asking for tighter emission and better fuel economy AMG has worked around these issues by slapping twin-turbo to a smaller capacity engine. This has improved fuel economy by 30 percent over the older SL63. The 5.5 litre engine makes 530bhp with 800 Nm of torque, which is good for the 1.8 tonne sports car to dash to 100kph in 4.3 sec and reach an electronic top speed of 250kph.

If you are still looking for more power Mercedes will happily sell you the optional AMG Power Package, which as the name suggest gives you a bunch of extra horses and some carbon fibre garnish. Again the twin-turbo 5.5 litre engine is tuned to make 557bhp and 900Nm of torque. This bump in horsepower shaves off 0.1 of a second and the performance pack variant does a 0-100kph in 4.2 sec with a top speed of 300 kph.

The Performance Package does raise a few questions. What happens to the completely mental Mercedes SL65 AMG?  Will the SL 65 armed with V12 engine out gun the SLS if it hits production?

We will keep our fingers crossed and hope the SL65 is on the way. Expect the SL63 AMG to come to India along with the SL63 by mid 2012.


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