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28 April 2011

TopGear's new look

It's a Global Redesign and here's what's new...
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So what’s new?

BBC TopGear has always been known for its authoritative, irreverent and humorous content on all things automotive. It is an approach that stays true to the similarly irreverent yet authoritative TopGear TV show, served up with the antics of Jeremy Clarkson, a legend now in automotive circles, and his mates Richard Hammond and James May.

The magazine carries forward their style of presentation, in terms of its content and its over-the-top visuals. And now, following a complete design overhaul, BBC TopGear India has become easier on the eye, with clearer layouts and elements. Which means a richer, more satisfying reading experience.

The News: The brand new ‘Metal’ section tells readers about India-exclusive launches before they hit the market. From small family hatchbacks to top-of-the-line supercars and superbikes, in all their gleaming glory. And of course, we still have the ‘The Grid’, our racetrack-style line-up of the 20 best and worst developments from the automobile world in the past month.

Planet TopGear: Our own little eco-system, starring the Boys themselves – Clarkson, May and Hammond, plus an exclusive peek into the life of a petrolhead – including multi-millionaire businessmen, hotshot race drivers and grizzly bear car engineering veterans. Plus a shiny new racecar crash every month, captured in ultra-slow-motion, and narrated in its every spectacular bone-jarring, eyeball-popping, anatomy-rearranging detail – and of course, columns from industry experts, and those annoyingly exotic driving holiday stories.

First Drives: Buying a new car or bike? Come here first. For the most honest, straightforward advice, every vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses, every features list dissected – it tells you in plain English if it’s a good buy or not. Even telling you which variant makes the best sense. With a graphic representation of the interiors and the things you’ll like or dislike about the vehicle. Meaning a better-informed buying decision.

Gear & Gadgets: As the name suggests, this is the best of the boys’ toys – stuff you don’t want to miss, or better still, stuff you want as gifts. Nothing is off-limits here – even a replica toy car that’ll cost as much as a regular family car is fair game.

Features: The backbone of TopGear. Never-before seen cars in tasty, real-world locations, with the most lush, indulgent photography, story writing and layouts. Every TopGear feature is far more than just an automotive review – it’s a breezy adventure story, and the car, reporter, locals and location are all key characters. And this has the giggly side-effect of making the other auto mags look like showroom brochures.

Two-wheelers: TopGear India is probably the only one of TopGear’s 26 editions worldwide that takes its bikes as seriously as its cars.

TG Garage: A quick, diary-style account at what we’re driving and living with – and how much we’re loving or hating it. Exactly how you’d talk about your car or bike.

New Buyer’s Guide: Your one-stop info shop on every car and bike in Indian showrooms today. This section not only gives you specifications and features lists for every major variant, it also has prices for all the major metros in India. Even gives you an indicator on what we think of the model and its maker. Plus there’s an annual sales figure, which should tell a potential buyer just how well – or not – the company is doing.

The May issue of TopGear is on stands now. For more information head here, or go here to subscribe and not miss out on the action.


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