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08 January 2013

The world’s largest simultaneous burnout: video

This is how they make massive smoke clouds Down Under

Rowan Horncastle
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We're so happy that the world didn't end in 2012 like the Mayans said it would. Why? Because that would mean that the pursuit of people endlessly striving to do all kinds of weird things in order to get their name in The Guinness Book of World Records would be no more.

Thankfully the world didn't end. And the strange world records continue to roll in.

We're only a week into the New Year but that hasn't stopped a bunch of crazy Australians doing what they do best. No, they haven't just claimed the record for the longest didgeridoo solo, nor the record for the most vegemite sandwiches spread in 60 seconds. Instead, they've done the world's largest simultaneous burnout.

At this year's Summernat's car festival in Canberra, 69 cars lined up to sacrifice their tyres to the Gods of Smoke and Awesome. Thanks to the stupidly powerful cars, it only took 30 seconds for them to beat the previous record of 49 cars. Over 30 tyres went bang during the attempt, there was a bit of fire and lots and lots of smoke. Check it out below.

People of Australia, we salute you.

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