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30 April 2013

This is a LaFerrari in Gulf livery

Auto enthusiast renders hybrid Ferrari as a racing special. IT’S NOT REAL

Vijay Pattni
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This isn't a real Ferrari LaFerrari painted up in Gulf livery. It is a RENDERED Ferrari LaFerrari photoshopped in the most iconic racing livery known to man: you're talking Ford GT40s, Porsche 917s, Aston Le Mans racers and Steve McQueen.

It has come from the mind of 19 year-old self-confessed ‘auto enthusiast' Pratyush, who saw pictures of the rendered Audi RS7 Group B rally car and the ‘shopped 1945 Bugatti Veyron/VW Beetle on a while back, and got inspired.

And thus, he decided to decorate Ferrari's latest pony in the blue and orange of legend. He's also strapped on some carbon fibre spoilers and a new airflow director up front, to make it racy. Vroom vroom, Internet.

Have a click through the pics, and let the young chap know what you make of his idea. Reckon a Gulf-liveried LaFerrari looks right? If not, have a click below to see more pics of some classic Gulf-liveried racers.

By the way, this LaFerrari ISN'T REAL. Just sayin'.

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