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11 August 2018

This is a NASCAR-ready Ford Mustang

Mustang will compete in NASCAR’s top series for the first time next year
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Good news, Americans. As of next year, the Ford that competes in NASCAR’s flagship Cup series will look like a Mustang, not a Mondeo.

We say ‘look like’, because Ford’s new NASCAR isn’t really a Mustang. Just look at the profile. It’s based on the same platform as the Chevys and Toyotas it’ll be racing against because rules – so whether or not it takes wins and ultimately championships is down to the drivers.

Ford’s been running Mustangs (again, not really Mustangs…) in lesser NASCAR series for a while now, winning drivers’ and manufacturers’ championships along the way, but this is the first time a ‘Mustang’ will contest the top-tier Cup series.

Ford’s existing entry, which from next season will be put out to pasture, is modelled on the Fusion (or Mondeo) – a front-wheel drive ‘sedan’. At least now it’s based on something you can actually get with a V8…

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