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23 September 2013

This is a Rs 45.8 crore gold Aventador

But it’s only a model: gold-wrapped Lamborghini on display in Dubai coming up for auction

Vijay Pattni
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This is not a real Lamborghini Aventador. It is a 1:8 scale model Lamborghini Aventador, wrapped in solid gold with a carbon fibre body. Welcome everybody, to the shinier side of the motoring universe.

You might recall this particular Aventador, because we told you about it a couple of years back. It's been designed by a man named Robert Gülpen, and it is meant to become the most expensive model car... in the world.

Of course, back when we first caught wind of the project, it was imagined in carbon fibre, but "to have a better idea of how the most expensive and most precious model car in the world looks like", he knocked up a gold version. There's reportedly one on display in a Lamborghini showroom in Dubai, but that's only a prototype - and thus not actually made from gold - but the customer can decide whichever material he deems fit for his multi-million toy.

Oh didn't you get the memo? The materials used in producing the model are expected to cost Rs 16.18 crore, utilizing platinum, 24 and 18 carat gold, and sterling silver. The body, doors and bonnet are made from carbon, formed in a conclave oven at a high temperature and pressure, with a 1/1000mm thin thread of solid gold wrapped around it.

Then you get the rims, cast from solid gold and platinum, along with the interior - seats, cockpit, and steering wheel - all set with high-carat gemstones. You get fully opening and closing doors, wheels that turn, a detail engine bay, a gold Lamborghini logo and it's all showcased in a bullet-proof glass box.

The final model will weigh in at around Rs 45.87 crore, and will be offered up for auction. At least Rs 4 crore of that tag price will go to a charitable cause, too.

It's probably missing the point of it all, but an ACTUAL Lamborghini Aventador, you know, the one with SEVEN HUNDRED HORSEPOWER and a 0-100kph time of 2.9 seconds and a body inspired by fighter jets and 50 years worth of history tied up into its angular flanks, costs a lot less. Do the sums, and you'll discover that for the price of one gold model, you could have 28 Aventador coupes with change. 28 Aventador coupes you can actually drive. Just sayin'.

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