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02 December 2013

This is an exploded Ferrari 330 P4

It’s the prettiest thing you’ll see today: a Swiss artist’s deconstruction of Ferrari’s racing icon
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If you ever wondered how a Ferrari 330 P4 would look if it suffered a massive crash in deep space, today is your lucky day.

This is a photograph by Swiss artist Fabian Oefner, part of his ‘Disintegrating' series that imagines Ferrari's V12 endurance racer exploded in delicious zero gravity. And oh, isn't it beautiful?

Fear not, Oefner didn't take an angle-grinder to a P4 (not least, presumably, because they're not exactly easy to come by nor cheap: only three were ever made). Instead he disassembled a detailed model of the 1967 Daytona 24 Hour winner, photographing each piece separately before ‘rebuilding' the P4 in the style of a Haynes manual.

The effect is oddly hypnotic.

And we love it. Take a look at the video of Oefner's making of his stunning photos and tell us: what classic car would you like to see scattered into a thousand beautiful pieces?

Picture: Fabian Oefner

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