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10 December 2013

This is Isuzu's first India-made MU-7

Isuzu Motors starts local production at Hindustan Motors' plant, finally rolls out BS4-compliant MU-7

Gagan Gupta
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We have been talking about Isuzu for a while now - we drove the BSIII MU-7 a while back - and have even been reporting its future plans. But today, we saw the first step of its plan come to fruition.

Isuzu has now started a local production facility in tie-up with Hindustan Motors (HML). This contract enables it to locally assemble completely knocked-down (CKD) kits of the MU-7, as well as the D-Max pick-up truck at HML's Thiruvallur, Chennai plant. But that too is just a start - Isuzu is investing Rs 3,000 crore to set up a LCV manufacturing plant in Sri City, Hyderabad; set to be operational by 2015-16. The new plant is expected to have a capacity of 1 lakh to 1.2 lakh units once it's fully operational.

Getting back to the present, the MU-7, which has shied away from North Indian markets thus far, will finally be metro-ready thanks to the new BS4-compliant engine. Moreover, Isuzu plans on setting up 60 dealers nationwide by the end of 2015. Not a very ambitious number, but should be enough to make its presence felt in the market. Mumbai and Delhi should see some local Isuzu dealers sprout up by Q1 next year.

Finally, Isuzu also announced its 'Isuzu Insight' customer program, which will record data on customers' driving habits, and provide useful insights on improving the car's mileage and getting better performance by making some changes in driving habits.

The price announced for the BS4 version of the MU-7 is Rs 22.3 lakh, Rs 30,000 more than the BS3 version of the car, which is priced at Rs 22 lakh. Both prices are ex-showroom, Chennai.

Looks like Isuzu is playing the long game here, but they do have some interesting plans. Has this piqued your interest, TopGear.commers?

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