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26 August 2013

This is Liberace’s 24ct gold Cadillac

Coming up for auction: a 5.7-litre V8 from 1931 with gold bodywork…

Vijay Pattni
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Meet Liberace's old car: a V8 Cadillac from 1931 with gold leaf-clad bodywork. Yes, you read that right, a gilded Cadillac that looks like it was owned by a Regency-era viscount.

Fans of the late pianist then, will no doubt rejoice at the fact that this very gold Cadillac is coming up for sale, being offered at Baron's Sandown Park auction on 17 September.

The price for this bedazzling peacock? It's estimated to sell for upwards of Rs 85 lakh

OK, so we're being a bit Liberace with the truth here, because it was believed to have once belonged to ol' Walter. But still. In the 1970s, this Cadillac was pimped out by Jack Smith from Kansas - that's in America, folks - who spent three years making it even more flamboyant.

In his efforts, he not only laced the bodywork with the stuff, but also the inner door handles, then set the look off with dazzling white leather upholstery and driving lamps that move with the steering wheel. With the steering wheel! It's like an S-Class. Nearly. It was later sold at auction in 1975, and then spent twelve years on display in a German museum (where it was presented at Liberace's motor).

The convertible hood is in working order, we're assured, while underneath sits a 5.7-litre V8 and a three-speed transmission. The price for this bedazzling peacock? It's estimated to sell for upwards of Rs 85 lakh.

Fancy it, TopGear.commers? Who wouldn't want a GOLD CADILLAC?

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