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17 June 2014

This is Nissan’s vision of the future

Does the Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo car hint at the new GT-R? Let’s hope so
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The last time a major manufacturer released a GT Vision car – the series of bonkers one-off concepts designed to be downloaded on Gran Turismo 6 – it gave a whopping hint to what was about to become a reality: this autumn's Mercedes AMG GT

Well, here comes another one from Nissan – the Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo. It says it’s a “vision of what a high performance Nissan could look like in the future”. And “the next story to an audience that has always shared our passion for performance". The new GT-R anyone?

Nissan is remaining tight-lipped on that, simply saying that the designers in London were given free reign to go wild with some engineering input from Japan, and “the real world is ready” for such a concept. We can but hope.  

The car will be available for download from next month, along with the rest of the fully driveable concepts in the virtual garage: the evil Mercedes GT, this bonkers Golf GTI roadster, or the glorious Toyota FT-1. Who needs motor shows anymore?


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