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24 April 2013

This is the DC Design Duster

Renault Duster finds its way inside DC Design. Comes out sporting squinty eyes

Amaan Ahmed
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DC Design has a penchant for adding bits and pieces to perfectly normal cars and making them look not so normal. The HM Ambassador, Audi Q7, Tata Nano and many more have been subject to the DC treatment over the years.

Now, Renault's sales star, the Duster has managed to sneak into DC Design's laboratory. It has been fiddled with, and how.

Called the DC Duster, this example gets a matte black exterior finish and bespoke DC wheels and badging, while the rear stays largely unchanged. The front is where all the action is, with DC chucking the Duster's standard chrome grille, headlamps and bumper into the trash can. Replacing them are a brand new bumper with a larger airdam, chrome-enclosed dual foglamps, and a front fascia that looks a bit…cyborg-ish. There are no headlamps to speak of, with two strings of daytime-running lights stuck in their place. Its looks are not its weakness, a refreshing change for a DC product.

The interior is where DC Design reverts back to its old habits - whatever the car, smother the insides with chrome, leather and acres of fake wood. When it comes to features, you get six-way powered captain seats (provides seating for four, the DC Duster), foldable seat trays, an LCD screen mounted behind the driver's seat and if you feel drowsy while watching a movie on it, you could recline the front passenger seat and merge it with the rear seat to form a bed. Well, nearly.

Keen on one? You will have to hand over a Renault Duster and Rs 3.49 lakh to DC Design for this transformation. Options will cost more, mind.

So, the DC Duster - hit or miss?

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